Taichokun is a traditional martial art, originating from ancient China. The martial art has been practiced in continuity for a thousand years.


Learn from a carefully selected group of passionate Martial Arts Masters, instructors and enthusiasts with years of experience. We provide a stable, family-oriented environment that pushes you to excel in meeting your personal goals while developing a close-knit community to support you… all through the exciting journey that you are about to embark on in learning and practicing various types of Martial Arts, all under one roof.

Dominic Lim

Dominic Lim is a teacher, instructor, President and Head Coach of Taichokun Singapore. Dominic has trained over 20 years in Taichokun and has traveled extensively to China to study this ancient martial art. He currently holds a 7th Dan in Ngochokun and a 4th Degree Blackbelt from Sancheendo Martial Arts Institute.

Dominic Lim is also the instructor of Singa Fist (or 新加拳) which was created in 1985.

It was born when eight grandmasters of different martial art styles from the Singapore Martial Arts Instructors Association combined moves from their respective craft.

These eight styles are silat, taekwondo, karate, Northern Shaolin kungfu, Southern Shaolin kungfu, judo, aikido, and silambam.